AECT and Divisional Election results.

As a member, please extend your congratulations and support to your new leaders. AECT also extends its appreciate to each candidate for their willingness to serve in their new leadership positions.

New Officers for 2021:

Newly Elected Officers


 President Elect 
     • David Wiley 
 Culture, Learning and Technology:   Graduate Student Representative 
     • Makhosazana Lunga 
 VP of Research and Publications 
     • Hannah Grossman 
 VP of Finance and Development 
 President Elect Designate 
     • Nicola Pallitt 
 VP Membership 
     • Katarzyna Sims 
 AECT Board Representative 
     • Tutaleni I. Asino 
 VP Awards 
     • Tugce Aldemir 
 President Elect 
     • Constance Harris 
 Design and Development:   Division Board Member 
     • Yvonne Earnshaw 
 President Elect 
     • Peter Rich 
 Distance Learning:   AECT Board Representative 
     • Tonia Dousay 
 President Elect 
     • Swapna Kumar 
 VP of Finance 
     • Kevin Oliver 
 Graduate Student Assembly:   Communications Officer 
     • Atikah Shemshack 
 AECT Board Representative 
     • Irene Bal 
 CLT Board Representative 
     • Dana AlZoubi 
 DDL Board Representative 
     • Holly Fiock 
 ELT Board Representative 
     • Eamonn Powers 
 International Board Representative 
     • Suthanit Wetcho 
 LED Board Representive 
     • Matt Connell 
 OTP Board Representative 
     • Annetta Dolowitz 
 RTD Board Representative 
     • Rebecca Clark-Stallkamp 
 TIL Board Representative 
     • Sagun Giri 
 International:   President Elect 
     • Nicole Wang-Trexler 
 Learner Engagement:   Board Member at Large 
     • Atikah Shemshack 
 Program Officer 
     • Sanghoon Park 
 President Elect 
     • Kay Seo 
 Research & Theory:   Communications Officer 
     • Yunjeong Chang 
 Featured Research Coordinator 
     • Lucas Vasconcelos 
 Graduate Student Representative 
     • Hajeen Choi 
 Board Member at Large 
     • Gi Woong Choi 
 President Elect 
     • Royce Kimmons 
 Professional Development Coordinator 
     • Meina Zhu 
     • Spencer Greenhalgh 
 Systems Thinking & Change:   AECT Board Representative 
     • Jill Stefaniak 
 Division Board Member (2 positions) 
     • Max Anderson Nate Turcotte 
     • Monica Sulecio de Alvarez 
 Communications Officer 
     • Michael Lampe 
 President Elect 
     • Minkyoung Kim 
 Teacher Education:   President Elect 
     • Yin-Chan Liao 
 Division Board Member 
     • T J Kopcha 
 Board Member at Large 
     • Jiyoon Jung 

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