AECT and Divisional Election results.

As a member, please extend your congratulations and support to your new leaders. AECT also extends its appreciate to each candidate for their willingness to serve in their new leadership positions.

New Officers for 2019:

Newly Elected Officers


 President Elect 
     • Xun Ge 
 Executive Secretary 
     • Danilo M. Baylen 
 Culture, Learning and Technology:   President-Elect Designate 
     • Juhong Christie Liu 
 VP Finance and Development 
     • Tugce Aldemir 
 VP of Membership 
     • Phillip Ward 
 Design and Development:   President Elect 
     • Jason McDonald 
 Division Board Member 
     • Sheri Conklin 
 Distance Learning:   President Elect 
     • Ayesha Sadaf 
 Division Award Manager 
     • Barbara Hall 
 Emerging Learning Technologies:   President Elect 
     • Eric Stauffer 
 Graduate Student Assembly:   President Elect 
     • Kiran Budhrani 
 Communications Officer 
     • Kathy Essmiller 
 Design & Development Division Representative 
     • Pauline Muljana 
 Culture, Learning & Technology Representative 
     • Xinyue Ren 
 Distance Learning Division Representative 
     • Kelly Ross 
 Emerging Learning Technologies Representative 
     • Younglong Rachel  Kim 
 GSA Representative to the AECT Board 
     • Sonia Tiwari 
 International Division Representative 
     • Farjahan Rahman Shawon 
 Research and Theory Division Representative 
     • Jiaqi Yu 
 School Media & Technology Representative 
     • Frances Alvarado 
 Teacher Education Division Representative 
     • Mohammad Shams Ud Duha 
 International:   President Elect 
     • Hengtao Tang 
 Division Representative to the AECT Board 
     • Xiaoxue (Charles) Wang 
 Organizational Training & Performance:   President Elect 
     • Ashley McArthur 
 VP of Communications 
     • Brandon Moss 
 Division Board Member 
     • Tugce Aldemir Zixin Mao 

 Research & Theory:   President Elect 
     • Feng-Ru Sheu 
 Professional Development Coordinator 
     • Ismahan Arslan-Ari 
 Communications Officer 
     • Meina Zhu 
     • Bret Staudt Willet 
 Graduate Student Representative 
     • Hamid Nadir 
 Member at Large 
     • Doris Bolliger 
 Featured Research Coordinator 
     • Yu-Ju (Sharon) Lin 
 School Media & Technology:   President Elect 
     • Sean Jackson 
 Communications Officer 
     • Lauren Bagdy 
 Board Member at Large 
     • Holly Ellis Chris Miller 

 Systems Thinking & Change:   President Elect 
     • Shelly Walters 
     • Monica Sulecio de Alvarez 
 Communications Officer 
     • Thomas Lamey 
 Division Board Member 
     • Fredrick Baker III 
 Teacher Education:   President Elect 
     • Ya-Huei Lu 
 VP of Communications 
     • Cecil Short 
 Member at Large 
     • Jacob Hall 

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