AECT and Divisional Election results.

As a member, please extend your congratulations and support to your new leaders. AECT also extends its appreciate to each candidate for their willingness to serve in their new leadership positions.

New Officers for 2022:

Newly Elected Officers


 President Elect 
     • Joi Moore 
 Executive Secretary 
     • Rick West 
 Culture, Learning and Technology:   President Elect 
     • Kae Novak 
 Graduate Student Representative 
     • Kristin Herman 
 VP Special Projects 
     • Katherine Walters 
 Design and Development:   President Elect 
     • Isa Jahnke 
 Division Board Member 
     • Noah Glaser 
 VP of Communications 
     • Melissa Warr 
 Distance Learning:   President Elect 
     • Rob Moore 
 VP Awards 
     • Hajeen Choi 
 Emerging Learning Technologies:   Communications Officer 
     • Joseph Gaston 
 Member at Large 
     • Nurbiha A Shukor 
 Graduate Student Assembly:   President Elect 
     • Mohammad Shams Ud Duha 
 Communications Officer 
     • Anne Fensie 
 Social Media Officer 
     • Fan  Xu 
 Ethics Committee Representative 
     • James Wilson 
 CLT Board Representative 
     • Mia Knowles-Davis 
 D&D Board Representative 
     • Jie (Jennifer) Lu 
 DDL Board Representative 
     • Elisa Shaffer 
 ELT Board Representative 
     • Maria Satre 
 International Board Representative 
     • Bushra Alghamdi 
 LED Board Representive 
     • Breanne Kirsch 
 OTP Board Representative 
     • Annetta Dolowitz 
 RTD Board Representative 
     • Zhuo  Zhang 
 Teacher Education Board Representative 
     • Sarah Major 
 TIL Board Representative 
     • Ozlem Karakaya 
 International:   President Elect 
     • Daniel L. Hoffman 
 AECT Board Representative 
     • Cengiz Hakan AYDIN 
 Learner Engagement:   AECT Board Representative 
     • Danilo M. Baylen 
 Organizational Training & Performance:   President Elect 
     • Melissa Jones 
 VP of Communications 
     • Samantha Goldstein 
     • Kristy Bloxham 
 Conference Planner (3 year term) 
     • Jennifer Bauman 
 Research & Theory:   President Elect 
     • Bret Staudt Willet 
     • Tiffany Roman 
 Communications Officer 
     • Jiangmei Yuan 
 Featured Research Coordinator 
     • Spencer Greenhalgh 
 Graduate Student Representative 
     • Meimei  Xu 
 Member at Large 
     • Anna Marie Benzon 
 Professional Development Coordinator 
     • Lucas Vasconcelos 
 Systems Thinking & Change:   President Elect 
     • Samantha Blevins 
 Division Board Member (2 Positions) 
     • Rebecca Clark-Stallkamp Christopher Luchs 
     • Monica Sulecio de Alvarez 
 Communications Officer 
     • Michael Lampe 
 Teacher Education:   President Elect 
     • Jacob Hall 
 VP of Communications 
     • Cecil R. Short 
 Member at Large 
     • Irene Bal 
 Technology Integrated Learning:   President Elect 
     • Lauren Bagdy 
 Communications Officer 
     • Margaret Adjoga-Otu 

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Toll Free: 877-677-2328
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