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9/22/2019Designing for All: Accessibility & Universal Design
As identified in a 2019 EDUCAUSE survey, accessibility and universal design for learning (UDL) ranked in the top 5 issues and opportunities for educators. However, Rieber and Estes (2017) noted a dearth of coverage related to people with disabilities in their review of all articles published in Educational Technology Research & Development (ETR&D) through 2013. While a growing body of research associated with universal design educational models to support accessibility has developed outside of the educational technology field, reviews of research suggest it's in a nascent stage with few empirically-based articles to support the effectiveness of theorized practices and frameworks to support learning outcomes resulting in a lack of consensus regarding the application of principles (Edyburn, 2010; Rao, Ok & Bryant, 2014; Roberts, Park, Brown & Cook, 2011).

Given this gap, Rieber and Estes (2017, p. 16) argue, "Time has come to bring the best ideas from the instructional technology field to the design challenge of meeting all levels of accessibility."  This webinar is a response to this call. Join us as we consider ways both researchers and designers can make an impact to address this opportunity. We’ll explore the topic of Designing for All through the lens of universal design for learning and share resources to support more effective design practices.

  Presenter(s): Yvonne Earnshaw, PhD, Nike and University of Memphis; Amy Lomellini, MET, Molloy College; Jennifer Maddrell, PhD, Designers for Learning; Esther Michela, Doctoral Student
Bio(s): Yvonne Earnshaw, PhD, is a Learning and Development Manager at Nike and an adjunct faculty member at the University of Memphis. Her research interests are in service-based learning, intelligent tutoring systems, usability/UX in instructional design and technology, online teaching and learning, and accessibility/UDL.
Amy Lomellini, MET, is an instructional designer at Molloy College and a doctoral student at Boise State University. Her research interests include UDL, accessibility, and quality online course design in higher education.
Jennifer Maddrell, PhD, is an instructor, instructional design consultant, and founder/Executive Director of Designers for Learning, a nonprofit organization that facilitates instructional design courses and service-learning opportunities to support social impact.
Esther Michela is a doctoral student at the University of Tennessee Knoxville with interests in accessibility, videography, editing, course authoring tools, and educational technology integration.
Category: Design and Development
Keywords: Accessibility | Universal Design for Learning (UDL) | Digital Instructional
Closed Captions: Yes

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