Division Representative to the AECT Board

Xiaoxue (Charles) Wang
Florida Gulf Coast University

It is not an easy task to introduce yourself. You have to first answer who you are, what you do and then what you will do in the future. To achieve this purpose and for continuing service on the AECT Board of Directors, I would first share with you, prior to my introduction, my professional mission statements. I use them consistently to measure what I have been doing in the field of education:


  • To advocate and promote “innovation for education” and “education for innovation” through teaching, research, and professional service.
  • To advocate and promote scientific and innovative uses of educational technology for student learning and performance enhancement through teaching, research, and professional service.
  • To enrich and enhance student learning through academic exchanges and research collaborations with local communities and with other universities at home and abroad.

So, I am a professor of educational technology, at the Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU), teaching both undergraduate and graduate students and supervising doctoral students. For the past five years, I have served as Associate Dean at FGCU’s College of Education, providing leadership and coordination for program accreditation, evaluation and continuous improvement at the College. Most importantly, I am a member and a board member of AECT International Division, serving on the AECT Board of Directors (2016-2019) and serving as the ICT-International column editor in TechTrends. I have also served as the President of AECT International Division (2010-2011) and I have been recognized by our Division with awards such as R. W. “Buddy” Burniske Award (2018), AECT International Contribution Award (2012), Presidential Service Award (2010-2011), and Distinguished Service Award (2009). Obviously, my professional life resides in AECT International Division. For this and following reasons, I put forth my name for you to select to continue serving on the AECT Board of Directors, representing International Division.
First, I have been with AECT International Division since 2001 when I was a doctoral student at Pennsylvania State University. Over these year, I have grown professionally with mentorship received from many people in the Division. The International Division is dear to my heart and I am willing to serve for it heart and soul. Secondly, I have collaborated with and know how to collaborate with many people in the International Division and at AECT.  Finally, I have served on the AECT Board of Directors since 2016. I have established great relations with leaders from other AECT divisions, which is a great asset for future advancement of the International Division.

For the next term, if I were selected to the AECT Board of Directors, I will

  • Work with AECT leadership to create a mechanism that supports our members, especially those outside the USA, to participate in various professional activities (e.g. conference, symposium, and etc.) organized by AECT.  
  • Increase the presence of our Division internationally. One of the goals would be to represent AECT to co-host an international conference in the field of educational technology through collaborations with AECT affiliated organization.
  • Work with other AECT Divisions and affiliations to promote and facilitate activities and initiatives by AECT International Division.

I have a B.A. degree of English Language and Literature from Southwest University in Chongqing, China (1982), and M.Ed. degree of Teaching English to the Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) from the University of Manchester in UK (1992). I obtained my Ph.D. degree in Instructional Systems from Pennsylvania State University in the USA (2003). I have taught at the Georgia State University as an assistant professor of instructional technology and Sichuan University in China as an associate professor of English before I become a professor at FGCU. My research interests include design and development of online learning environments, Multi-User Virtual Environments (MUVEs), and synchronous technology for distance learning and collaboration. I serve as assistant editor for another AECT journal: Journal of Formative Design in Learning.  For more information about me, please refer to my vitae online at and please use the following contact information to reach me should you have any questions:

Email: ; Phone: 239-590-1162 (Office).

Address: 320 W. 8th Street, Suite 101
Bloomington, IN 47404-3745
Toll Free: 877-677-2328
Phone: 812-335-7675