Systems Thinking & Change
Communications Officer

Thomas Lamey
Salisbury University

There is no better exhibition of a system than the second to second manifestations within the human body. As a faculty instructor of respiratory therapy and instructional designer, I am committed to improving systems thinking and organizational change, with an emphasis on human physiological systems and change that promotes a more stable and healthy society. My primary research interests involves instructional strategy to promote self-regulation of cardiopulmonary rehabilitation patients. There is a gap in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) research concerning instructional strategy and underlying change processes resulting in self-regulatory behavior such as self-observation, evaluation, and efficacy.

Leadership and communication is very important to me. As a graduate student at the University of South Alabama, I helped organize our Instructional Design & Development graduate association with local outreach efforts in judging a robotics competition and presentations with renowned instructional designers such as Dr. Rita Richey and Dr. Jill Stefaniak. The experience and training I have gained translates directly to concrete communications strategies I currently use at Salisbury University, and can potentially utilize as a board member of the Association for Educational Communications and Technology (AECT) Systems Thinking and Change (STC) sub-committee.

I have been a member of AECT since 2013 and distinctly remember my first foray into STC’s membership meeting. Engaging with Dr. Reigeluth, Dr. Hemphill, Dr. Kowch, and Dr. Sockman those years ago left lasting impressions in constructive acceptance with non-traditional research concerning systems and change theory.

To be brief, I am a new father to a beautiful baby girl (Camille), and excited to have established myself at Salisbury University and the community as a whole. I have a strong background in Allied Health and directly working with patients with chronic and acute lung disease. My wife, Erin, is a nurse practitioner whom I met in the hospital working night shift many years ago. She’s also known to frequent the AECT International Convention when able, as we both love to travel together. Thank you for your time, effort, and energy in consideration of me to this committee.

Sincerely, Thomas W. Lamey

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