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Study Title: Exploring the Attitudes and Behaviors of Instructional Designers with Regard to the Traditional Rights, Roles, and Responsibility of Online Faculty.

As an instructional designer, you have a critical role in ensuring that online courses are of the highest quality to ensure a positive student experience. I am conducting a study that examines the beliefs and behaviors of instructional designers relative to faculty needs, rather than student needs. Participants for this study should be instructional designers in higher education who have designed and/or created a packaged course to be used by faculty.  A packaged course is an online course that is built for delivery by a third party, someone other than the instructional designer. This study consists of a survey in three parts.  The first part queries instructional designers' attitudes about faculty roles and the second part asks about instructional designers' behavior in designing courses with faculty in mind.  Both parts also have an open-ended question for clarification or additional information.  The last part of the survey will collect basic demographic information. Completion time for the survey is approximately ten (10) minutes.

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