Research & Theory's Description

The Research and Theory Division (RTD) promotes the development and advancement of theory; promotes, presents, and disseminates rigorous research and scholarship; advocates the study of social and cultural issues in the field; and supports, fosters, and mentors emerging scholars. Studies that embody excellent research methods in any area of interest to AECT members may be appropriate for submission to RTD. Topics such as the relationship between research and theory, innovative research methods, ethics in research, challenges associated with conducting research, and the position of educational technology as a field in the context of related fields such as the learning sciences, cognitive science, and psychology, might be of interest to RTD members.

We encourage authors to submit their work in the following categories:

  1. Category 1: Completed Study
    1. Report findings from a study that is complete.
  2. Category 2: Work in Progress
    1. Report the progress of a study currently underway (e.g., as a poster session).
  3. Category 3: Research Methodology
    1. Report innovative research methodologies in educational technology.
  4. Category 4: Inspire! Session (new) or Panels
    1. Facilitate an interactive session on a professional development or a panel discussion

Authors may submit their work in any of the above categories that fit the interest of the RTD and address this year's conference theme “Inspired Professional Learning. Inspired Learning Professionals.” which focuses on proposals that address research for learning of professionals conducive to their professional development, career development and career advancement. Proposals that focus on research and theory related to the convention theme are strongly encouraged. Proposals that use rigorous quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods are particularly warranted.

When submitting your proposal, please state in the abstract the appropriate category for your work. For example,

  1. "This proposal reports a Category 1 Completed Study on ..."
  2. "This proposal reports a Category 2 Work in Progress on ..." or
  3. "This proposal reports a Category 3 Research Methodology ..."
  4. “This proposal presents a Category 4 Inspire! Session or Panels….

Proposals that fit all the following categories are welcome:

  1. Concurrent Session
  2. Poster Session
  3. Roundtable Session
  4. Panels
  5. Inspire! Sessions (new)

Note: Inspire! Sessions are newly added for facilitating this year’s convention theme. They will focus on professional development opportunities for our members and convention attendees, encouraging professional growth by obtaining new knowledge, skills, or strategies. These sessions will last 50-minutes and must include high engagement between presenters and attendees (e.g., hands-on activities, role-playing, crowdsourcing, collaborative learning, game-based learning, etc.). The topics should be relevant to the primary purpose and interest of Research and Theory Division.

Proposals Deadline- February 18, 11:55 PM (EST), 2019 (There will be no deadline extension.)

Questions regarding proposals for the RTD should be directed to the division’s 2019 Conference Planner, President-Elect, Eunjung Grace Oh at