Organizational Training & Performance's Description

Organizational Training and Performance Division 2018 Call For Proposals

The Division of Organizational Training and Performance (OTP) strives to bridge the gap between research and practice, facilitating communication, collaboration, and sharing between academics, students, and practitioners across multiple disciplines interested in applying current theory and research to training and performance improvement initiatives.

This year, OTP is seeking proposals that represent Inspired Professional Learning and Inspired Learning Professionals related to training and performance initiatives that align with our division mission.

Academics, practitioners, and students are encouraged to submit research-based proposals, including but not limited to empirical research, action research, case studies, and best practices, that showcase inspired organizational training and performance initiatives related to:

  1. Workplace learning
  2. The human performance technology processes of performance, gap and cause analysis, intervention selection, design, and implementation, and evaluation
  3. The role of technology in facilitating inspired organizational training and performance improvement
  4. The application of relevant theories and best practices in a variety of organizational settings

We encourage participants to look at inspired leadership, change, and learning impacts from their work by considering the following as they write their proposals:

  1. Leadership (taking responsibility for your work): What are the impacts of your teaching, research, and learning environment designs? Publications? Consulting? Innovations? Your implicit or direct leadership should be recognized!
  2. Change: How is your work instilling change on a person, a classroom, an organization, networks of people, institutions, policies, professions, industries, or societies connected to your work? What systems are you impacting? What could you hope to change over time via this work of yours?
  3. Learning: Who could benefit directly from your implicit leadership by such important work in the information age? Who learns what from your work?

OTP welcomes proposals for concurrent sessions, roundtables, posters, panel discussions, and division sponsored workshops (2, 3, or 6 hours); and new this year, high-engagement, skill-based inspired sessions. Proposals should align with the mission of OTP, the convention theme, and the target audience. Proposal guidelines are available here (direct link:

Please note that proposals based on empirical research studies in progress are expected to be finalized before the conference.
Please direct questions regarding proposals to the Division of Organizational Training and Performance to