Society of International Chinese in Educational Technology's Description

Dear SICET Colleagues and Friends: 

As an important affiliation of AECT, SICET is dedicated to provide you with inspiring convention experiences. In keeping with the conference theme this year, we invite proposals that initiate conversations about how teaching, research, and design inspire the innovations and changes in our field. We look forward to hearing about your work, and we look forward to being inspired by your innovative approaches for teaching, research, and design. 

We are especially hoping to receive proposals that feature issues related to comparative research across nations and cultural contexts in instructional technology approaches, innovations, and trends. We also welcome proposals focusing on a specific cultural setting or community, which include but are not limited to cultural influences on teaching and learning, and applications of theories or principles in a specific cultural setting. Traditional proposals that present findings and discuss important instructional technology research and developments are also welcome. To be considered, a complete proposal must be submitted electronically, and in one of the following session types:

• Concurrent Session
• Inspire Session
• Poster Session
• Roundtable Session

The mission of SICET is to establish and strengthen international academic connections, to encourage dialogues in educational technology research and development, as well as to boost the development of learning, design, and technology field in China. SICET especially encourages proposals from international Chinese scholars to improve research in this community, mentor those new to the field, and enhance connections and relationships between Chinese and international scholars. This is a great opportunity to share your experiences, expertise, and knowledge with international scholars in the field of learning, design, and technology. To present at AECT/SICET, an active SICET membership is required. Active SICET members are qualified for AECT dual membership, which allows SICET members to join AECT membership at a 50% rate. The cost for SICET/AECT dual membership is lower than the sole AECT regular membership.  

SICET members are also invited to serve as reviewers for the conference proposals. Our conference planning team will lead and facilitate the review process. If you are interested in reviewing proposals for us, please leave your name and contact information at

If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions, please feel free to contact AECT/SICET conference planning team: Hengtao Tang, Miaoting (Cat) Cheng, and Zui Cheng at