Design and Development's Description

InspiredProfessional Learning. InspiredLearning Professionals: The goal of the convention is for participants to seek inspiration as learning professionals. By networking with colleagues and presenting your work, you help enrich attendees’ personal lives and professional endeavors.
Design and Development members promote quality teaching and learning through the application of evidence-based instructional design practices. These are realized by:

  1. Designing effective and satisfying learning experiences,
  2. Developing optimal instructional materials and learning environments,
  3. Ensuring quality and fidelity at implementation,
  4. Evaluating the impact of instruction / assessing learning,
  5. Conducting research on effective design practices,
  6. Advancing learning theory development in innovative ways, and
  7. Planning for and managing implementation of instructional projects and research

We are particularly interested in proposals that provide opportunities for members of the Design and Development division to seek out professional development opportunities, enhance their design skillsets, and promote research in the field. We encourage submissions of proposals that are the results of empirical research that focus on a theory or concept, and/or that focus on the practice of instructional design and development in a variety of contexts.

Proposals tend to align to one or more of the following four categories:

Inspired Sessions: These sessions focus on professional development opportunities for our members and convention attendees. These sessions should encourage professional growth by obtaining new knowledge, skills, or strategies. These sessions will last 50-minutes, and they should include high engagement between presenter(s) and attendees (e.g. hands-on activities, role playing, crowdsourcing, collaborative learning, game-based learning, etc.). Examples of topics include, but are  not limited to: universal design, designing with faculty in higher education, design-based research.

Practice Proposals: Proposals reporting on the practice of instructional design and development should describe effective practice in innovative instructional designs, effective instructional tools, and/or new instructional development approaches. Each should be the result of design-based or development research efforts investigating instructional design approaches or interventions. The practice proposal is not merely a demonstration.

Research Proposals: Qualitative, quantitative, or mixed method empirical studies should describe completed research that involved the collection and analysis of data, and/or meta-analyses of existing published research.

Theory/Concept Proposals: Must address a theoretical construct, analysis of related research, and original recommendations for future research and/or development.


Please indicate the type of proposal (presentation) in the first sentence of your abstract (e.g., "This proposal reports research on/in ..." or “This proposal reports a practice ….” or “This proposal discusses the (theory) of…”

For questions regarding proposals for Design and Development please contact the division’s 2019 Conference Planner, Jill Stefaniak,

Proposals Open- December 16, 2018
Proposals Close- February 18, 11:55 PM (PST), 2019 (There will be no deadline extension.)