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Design and Development Showcase
Sponsored by the Design and Development Division
Sessions: October 21 - October 25, 2019

Proposal Deadline: February 18, 11:59PM (PST), 2019

Invitation to Showcase Innovative Training and Educational Programs
The Design and Development Showcase is an exclusive poster session for innovative training and educational programs and projects. The Showcase plays an important role in providing exceptional examples of such programs to all AECT members. The Showcase will be open during regular session presentation times at the Convention. Those selected for the Showcase will prepare a poster and have a table to display their materials. The authors will also describe key components of their programs (e.g., goal/intent, target learners, foundations, design and development process, team members, cost, time). Authors are expected to be present during specified times so Convention participants may meet these innovative Design & Development Teams.

Proposal Deadline

February 18, 11:59PM (PST), 2019

How to Submit a Proposal
To be considered, a complete proposal must be submitted electronically no later than February 18, 11:59PM (PST), 2019. A complete online proposal submission consists of:

  1. Program title
  2. A short (fewer than 100 words) description
  3. A 750-1000 word abstract that does not identify the specific presenter/s by name or content.
  4. Equipment request (see Equipment Needs below.)
  5. List of presenters (This will be blind to the reviewers.)

To submit a proposal:

  1. Be sure that your program or project is NOT in draft form or a work-in-progress. Only completed or finished programs or projects will qualify for submission to the D&D Showcase.
  2. Read the Design and Development Showcase Submission Guidelines (listed below).
  3. Prepare a proposal addressing the information requested in the guidelines.
  4. Submit your proposal through the AECT online proposal submission form
    Be sure to select the unit, Design and Development Showcase. Any further questions should be addressed to the D&D Showcase Chair, Victor Law at vlaw@unm.edu.

Peer Review Process and Submission Guidelines
The Design and Development Division will convene its own panel of peer reviewers. This panel recommends which proposals should be accepted for the showcase. They will review and select proposals using the following criteria:

  • Alignment with the convention theme and any relevant division theme
  • Relevance, timeliness, and general interest level of topic
  • Attention to audience engagement and interaction
  • Suitability for the stated purpose of D&D Showcase and AECT membership.
  • Clarity of the writing
  • Quality of the proposed session

Program Title. Use standard title case.

Short Description (100 words). This summary should clearly indicate the content and scope of the program, giving the reader a good idea of the program’s goal, intended audience, theoretical and empirical foundations, and a brief description of the design and development process used. (Emphasis should be given to the description of the actual program, not the design process of it.) These descriptions will help Convention attendees decide which “D&D Showcase Team to attend.

Abstract. Include a 750-1000 word abstract for your proposal that provides a more detailed treatment of the program, including:

  1. purpose(s) or goal(s) of the program
  2. target learner population
  3. program features that make it innovative and/or unique
  4. specific theoretical and/or empirical foundation that guided the design and development of the program
  5. process used to design and development the program (briefly)
  6. resources used to design and develop the program (with testing and/evaluation data if available)
  7. context in which the program was designed (e.g., for a course assignment, as part of a contract or professional work, based on a grant)
  8. State funding/budget category: $100,000 or above; under $100,000; or No funding. NOTE: This item is to assist reviewers in identifying resources available to the authors, but will not be a main criterion to determine acceptance.

Note: Equipment needs. Presenters are expected to bring any equipment necessary to demonstrate or otherwise showcase their training and/or educational program. Tables will be made available, along with access to electrical outlets. A blank poster board and easel for your visual will also be provided.

Other Things to Consider in Writing Your Proposal
To prepare an excellent proposal, be sure to use concise language. Be sure to spell out all acronyms and enclose the acronym in parentheses immediately after the first time the word(s) appear (the acronym can then be used in the rest of the proposal). Pay attention to the way you format your proposal. Use paragraph breaks, capital and lower case letters, standard fonts, and correct punctuation and mechanics. Be accurate. Proofread your narrative for correct spelling and eliminate typographical errors. Poorly presented proposals often do not find their way into the convention program, regardless of the worth of the content.

Notification of Review Outcome
The Design and Development Division will notify you whether your proposal has been accepted or rejected no later than March 15,, 2019. If your proposal is accepted, you will be required to complete an Acceptance/Verification Form acknowledging receipt of an acceptance letter and verifying your commitment to make the presentation at the AECT 2019 International Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada. Recognize that all convention attendees are part of a shared community of research, practice, and professional growth. At least one of the authors whose D&D Showcase proposal was accepted, are required to register and attend the AECT Convention. Those who do not register will NOT be scheduled for presentation (and will NOT appear in any printed program or other documents). It is the responsibility of the key presenter to notify all individuals involved in the presentation as to the status of the proposal. All presenters participating at convention must register by September 1, 2019 in order to present.

Only the primary presenter will be notified of acceptance by convention planners. It is the responsibility of the key presenter to notify all other individuals involved in the presentation of the acceptance status of the proposal. It is also the responsibility of the key presenter to send confirmation and convention information to nonmembers participating in a session. If selected, the presentation must follow the original proposed topic and content accepted by the National Convention Program Planning Committee.

All D&D Showcase presenters must obtain written permission to use copyrighted photos, music, and the like in their sessions. In addition, all presenters are expected to follow the AECT Code of Ethics found on the AECT Web site.

Recognition of the Excellence
All invited authors receive a certificate indicating the proposal was rigorously reviewed by a panel of experts and accepted at the showcase based on their excellence. They will also be invited to highlight their work the D&D Division website.

Presenters are required to assume responsibility for all costs associated with the presentation, including convention registration, travel, lodging, handout materials.

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