AECT and Divisional Election results.

As a member, please extend your congratulations and support to your new leaders. AECT also extends its appreciate to each candidate for their willingness to serve in their new leadership positions.

New Officers for 2023 - 2024:

Newly Elected Officers


 President Elect 
     • Tonia Dousay 
     • Nathan Hawk 
 Culture, Learning and Technology:   President Elect 
     • Zeni Colorado-Resa 
 VP of Communications 
     • Bernadette Beavers-Forrest  
 VP Professional Development 
     • Hannah Grossman 
 CLT Board Representative 
     • Osemome Ndebbio 
 Design and Development:   President Elect 
     • Yvonne Earnshaw 
 Division Board Member 
     • Dana AlZoubi 
 Board Associate 
     • Kanupriya Singh 
 Distance Learning:   President Elect 
     • Beth Oyarzun 
 VP of Communications 
     • Sheri Conklin 
 VP of Records and Archives 
     • Rebeca Peacock 
 Emerging Learning Technologies:   Communications Officer 
     • David Coffland 
 Board Member at Large 
     • Yeol Huh 
 AECT Board Representative 
     • Jin (Joy) Mao 
 Graduate Student Assembly:   President Elect 
     • Jennifer Johnston 
 AECT Board Representative 
     • Frank Jamison 
 Communications Officer 
     • Waneta Hebert 
 Social Media Officer 
     • Arlene Ramirez 
 CLT Board Representative 
     • Eunkyoung (Elaine) Cha 
 D&D Board Representative 
     • Regina Bale 
 DDL Board Representative 
     • Jason Bock 
 ELT Board Representative 
     • Hemalathaa Kasiviwanath Yuvaraja 
 International Board Representative 
     • Gloria Natividad de Conley 
 LED Board Representive 
     • Breanne Kirsch 
 OTP Board Representative 
     • Ericka Eppler 
 RTD Board Representative 
     • Theresa Huff 
 STC Board Representative 
     • Rebekah Gruel 
 Teacher Education Board Representative 
     • Danielle Fernandez 
 TIL Board Representative 
     • Maria Satre 
 International:   President Elect 
     • Shamila Janakiraman 
 Learner Engagement:   President Elect 
     • Linda Wiley 
 Administrative Officer 
     • Matt Connell 
 Program Officer 
     • Laura Stapleton 
 Board Member at Large 
     • Andrew Walker 
 Organizational Training and Performance: 
 AECT Board Representative 
     • Jennifer (Jenny) Bauman 
 VP of Communications 
     • Evangeline Schepper 
     • Annetta Dolowitz 
 Research & Theory:   President Elect 
     • Logan Arrington 
 Professional Development Coordinator 
     • Vanessa Dennen 
 AECT Board Representative 
     • Rebecca Reese 
 Board Member at Large 
     • Jason McDonald 
 Communications Officer 
     • Tiffany Roman 
     • Michelle Hudson 
 Featured Research Coordinator 
     • Ismahan Arslan-Ari 
 Graduate Student Member-at-Large 
     • Hunhui Na 
 Systems Thinking & Change:   President Elect 
     • Angela Doucet Rand 
 Division Board Member 
     • Jeffrey Phillips 
     • Catherine Gill 
 Teacher Education:   President Elect 
     • Matthew L. Wilson 
 Board Member at Large 
     • Ai-Chu Elisha Ding 
 Technology Integrated Learning:   President Elect 
     • Ginny Smith 
 AECT Board Representative 
     • Chris Miller 
     • Catherine Leavitt 
 Board Member At-Large (2 positions) 
     • Harshita Bhatnagar Leslie Blatt 

Address: 320 W. 8th Street, Suite 101
Bloomington, IN 47404-3745
Toll Free: 877-677-2328
Phone: 812-335-7675