Robert deKieffer International Fellowship Award



The AECT Robert deKieffer International Fellowship Award is presented to an individual in recognition of professional leadership in the field of educational communications and technology in a foreign country


Robert deKieffer was born in Chicago in 1916. His father died when he was only four years old. Bob was diagnosed with dyslexia, so his mother encouraged him to study music which eventually led him to Heidelberg, Germany after his high school graduation. Bob served as Concertmaster of the Heidelberg Symphony Orchestra then he returned to the United States and earned his bachelor's and master's degrees in education from Northwestern University. After serving in the Navy during World War II, he earned his Ph.D. from State University of Iowa, where he established his reputation in the educational technology field with the study, "The Status of Teacher-Training in Audio-Visual Education in the Forty-Eight States", a forty-year longitudinal study reported at ten-year intervals. Bob held positions with Stephens College in Missouri and the University of Oklahoma then, in 1954 Bob became the director of the Bureau of Audio-Visual Instruction at the University of Colorado at Boulder, where he developed an extensive film collection, supported instructional television and eventually served as Dean of the Division of Continuing Education until his retirement in 1982. Always interested in leadership development, Bob served as AECT President and Chair of the ECT Foundation, giving many years of leadership and service to his profession.


  • must be a professional (doctorate or equivalent experience required) in any level position in educational communications and technology;
  • the nomination of a candidate must be in recognition of work performed in a nation outside of the USA or for a project with its major component being based outside of the USA;
  • must be a member of AECT at the time that the award is granted.

Review Criteria:

In addition to the eligibility criteria, the recipient must meet at least ONE of the following requirements which will be reviewed for In addition to the eligibility criteria, the recipient must meet at least ONE of the following requirements which will be reviewed for quality, impact and achievement level based on evidence provided.

  • has conducted a major project or been involved in the advancement of the educational communications and technology field outside of the USA.;
  • is recognized as a leader in the field in teaching, research and/or service;
  • has been instrumental and active in forging one or more professional partnerships between the US and a foreign country
  • quality, impact and achievement level based on evidence provided


The International Division Award Committee will review nominations and select a recipient.

Nomination Procedures:

No self nomination. To prepare for a nomination, click the online nomination link listed here and below. Written statements in the nomination should describe how the candidate meets the eligibility and other criteria for the award.

The principal nominator should complete the Nomination Information column in the electronic form and provide information about him/herself as the first required reference. The principal nominator needs to provide the information about the second required reference including at least the full name and an email address. AECT will send an email invitation to the references for a letter of support.

Nomination Form: Click Here to Submit a Nomination.

Nature of Award: A plaque of achievement

Presentation: Presented during the awards ceremony at General Session at Convention.

Funding And Support: AECT Foundation

Nominations due by: June 1, 2023 

Award Management on behalf of AECT: International Division

Contact : Dr. Dirk Ifenthaler, International Division Past President,



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 • Felicia Mormah
 • Sahana Murthy
 • Dr. Jaitip Na-Songkhla
 • Bert Y. Kimura, Ph.D
 • Linda Fang
 • Mei Feng Liu
 • Clarence T. Chu
 • Yung Ruyen Baek
 • Frederick M. Litto
 • Luca Botturi

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