Outstanding Digital Learning Artifact

This award recognizes the most engaging and/or innovative elearning modules, lessons, video, or other artifacts. The artifact should be an original creation used to engage learners in a unique and innovative way.

The artifact must be an original creation.

Review Criteria:
Relevance, creativity, originality, and importance to learner engagement

Nominations are coordinated, reviewed, and approved by the LED awards committee. The awards committee is comprised of LED Board members and other LED members. Award winners are notified ahead of AECTís annual convention. Awards are then presented at AECTís annual convention.

Nomination Procedures:
To submit a nomination, click on the nomination form linked below.   Complete the form in its entirety and provide any additional information deemed relevant to aid the awards committee in making final decisions. You may nominate yourself for an award or you may nominate an individual or group. You are permitted to nominate the same individual or group for multiple awards.

Nomination Form: Click here to Submit a Nomination

Nature of Award: Plaque

Presentation: LED Awards Ceremony at the AECT annual convention.

Funding And Support: AECT

Nominations due by: Aug. 15, 2020

Award Management on behalf of AECT: Learner Engagement Division

Contact : Scott Gibbons, Communications Officer, Learner Engagement Division, Gibbonsp@mail.uc.edu



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