Marina McIsaac Award



Dr. Marina McIsaac has been a long-time supporter of AECT since joining the association in 1973. In addition, she is a past-president of the International Division and the International Council for Educational Media. Each year, she encouraged and supported graduate students to attend and to present their research at AECTís annual conferences. At these conferences, she introduced her students to other academic community members. Such exercises helped her students to expand their networks. McIsaacís traditions expanded to four generations of academic scholars. It was due to her dedication to the international academic community that current members are following Dr. McIsaac's role-modeling. The Award acknowledges McIsaac for her endeavor to continue adding young members to adopt AECT among their professional affiliations. Moreover, several of her former students have served as president of the International Division.


  • Candidates must be a member of the International Division.
  • Provided evidence for a continuing (several years) support of graduate students to attend and present at AECTís annual conferences
  • A letter of support must be included from a long standing International Division member.

Review Criteria:

  • Quality, impact and achievement level based on evidence provided for supporting graduate students to attend and present at AECTís annual conferences.
  • A letter of support by at least one long standing International Division member.
  • Candidateís Portfolio/CV link or upload.


The International Division Award Committee will review nominations and select a recipient.

Nomination Procedures:
No self nomination. To prepare for a nomination, click the online nomination link here or on the link below.

Nomination Form: Click here to Submit a Nomination

Nature of Award: A plaque of achievement. During years when resources are available, the award will also receive up to $200.

Presentation: Presented at International Division Dinner & Awards Ceremony.

Funding And Support: International Division

Nominations due by: June 1, 2023 

Award Management on behalf of AECT: International Division

Contact : Dr. Dirk Ifenthaler, International Division Past President,



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