James W. Brown Publication Award


This award honors James W. Brown, past president of AECT, who established the award to recognize the author(s) of an outstanding publication in the field of educational technology. Nominated books may be designed for educators, trainers, designers and developers in a variety of settings including schools and universities, business and industry, online learning, media and technology administration, production centers and others.

Brown (1913-1987) was born in Hanford, Washington. He taught junior high school while studying for a Bachelor's degree from Central Washington State College and obtained his Master's and PhD degrees from the University of Chicago. After serving in the Navy during World War II, he was involved in the development of the first statewide plan for audiovisual services through the Virginia State Department of Education. He then spent a year on the faculty at Syracuse University and later moved to Seattle, Washington, to supervise the University Film Center at the University of Washington. From 1953 to 1974 James Brown was affiliated with San Jose State University, first as an associate professor of education then later as Dean of Graduate Studies and Research. His many professional activities included two terms as President of AECT and serving many years on the ECT Foundation's Board of Directors. Dr. Brown was a prolific writer, his best known books have become standard textbooks, many of which he co-authored with fellow educators. In addition to editing the Educational Media Yearbook from 1973 to 1984, he produced 27 books, travel filmstrips, and two travel books about England and Ireland. In 1981, he gave the funds to establish the James W. Brown Publication Award.

Nominations are restricted to published books, including e-books, in the field of educational technology bearing a recent publication date: later than 2015.
Nominated books may be academic/scholarly works or may focus on professional practice.  

Review Criteria:
1- Relevance of the book’s content to AECT’s mission
2- Significance and potential impact of the book on practice or scholarship  
3- Professional and/or academic quality of the book    
4- Technical quality including  text, images, and navigation.

The AECT Executive Committee will evaluate nominated books, consider other evaluations supplied by nominators, and agree on selection of the award recipient. If more than one individual contributed to the winning publication, the recipients shall determine how to divide/share the award.

Nomination Procedures:
To submit an online nomination, click the online nomination link displayed below. Nominations will not be considered complete without submission linked availability of an electronic copy to the Executive Commitee. Nominations can include at up to 2 preferred co-nominations. If there are problems with submission, contact AECT for alternative submission procedures.

Nomination Form: Click here to submit a nomination.

Nature of Award: The recipient receives a cash award of $100.00 and a plaque.

Presentation: General Session at the AECT Annual Convention

Funding And Support: AECT Foundation

Nominations due by: Aug. 15, 2023 

Award Management on behalf of AECT: Executive Committee

Contact : Brad Hokanson, AECT Past-President,



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 • Anthony Piña
 • Michael H. Molenda
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 • Christopher T. Miller
 • Anthony A. Pinã
 • Paul A. Kirschner
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