Meet J. Michael Spector
by AECT Legends and Legacies

J. Michael Spector Appreciation Award
 for Exemplary Long-term Service to the Association


The award recognizes members who have provided exemplary long-term service and leadership to AECT above and beyond expectations. The award was created to honor AECT Past President J. Michael Spector in recognition of his extraordinary commitment, leadership and service to the organization.

AECT member for at least 10 years.
Actively involved in various activities and leadership roles in AECT.
Previous honors and recognition within the organization.
Cannot be a current member of the AECT Board of Directors or the AECT Awards Committee.

Review Criteria:
Recipients of this award demonstrate exemplary service and sustained active participation in AECT activities   including initiatives and contributions originated by the nominee.  Candidates likely will have received other service awards for earlier efforts.  

Nominations are coordinated, reviewed and recipients selected initially by the AECT Awards Committee which forwards names of award recipients to the AECT Executive Committee for confirmation.  An award review sub-committee led by a member of the AECT Awards Committee and comprised of award committee members and non-members including a previous award recipient forwards recommendations to the Chair.  No more than 2 awards are given annually.

Nomination Procedures:
To submit a nomination, click the online nomination form displayed below. Before entering and submitting, review the form and then have all information prepared in advance. Include any additional materials as directed   Comments from at least one and up to a preferred three references is requested.  Required contact information for the references includes name and email address along with additional information. Once submitted, an email will be sent to each reference requesting comments via a link in the message.  

Nomination Form: Click here to submit a nomination.

Nature of Award: Plaque

Presentation: Awards ceremony during General Session at AECT annual convention

Funding And Support: AECT

Nominations due by: Oct 1, 2021

Award Management on behalf of AECT: AECT Awards Committee

Contact : Steve Harmon, Chair, AECT Awards Committee,



 • Ana Donaldson
 • Steven M. Ross
 • Andrew Gibbons
 • Robert Doyle
 • Kay Persichitte
 • David Merrill
 • Sharon Smaldino
 • Richard Cornell
 • Addie Kinsinger
 • J. Michael Spector

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