Distinguished Development Award


This award recognizes the most distinguished scholars in the fields of educational technology, instructional design, learning sciences, and other related areas of research.

An established scholar in educational technology research and development.

Review Criteria:

  • Recent publication of a paper or product with high impact in the area of instructional design and development research and practice in the last two years;
  • Work that reflects innovative practice and creative development;
  • Demonstrated effectiveness, and/or sustained and superior quality;
  • Preference given to work that is likely to have an impact on practice and/or research;
  • Nominees/awardees need NOT be members of AECT nor have published in ETR&D.


  • ETR&D-Development Editorial Board receives nominations from AECT Exec, ETR&D Boards, and the general membership – nominations should be sent to Dr. Gwendolyn Morel, ETR&D Assistant Editor ( so as to preserve anonymity of the person making the nomination. Self-nominations are allowed;
  • The Development Editor contacts nominees to convey details of the award and determine willingness to be considered;
  • The Development Editor then presents a set of candidates along with their short CVs and link(s) to relevant URLs to the Development Board;
  • The Development Board votes for a 1st and 2nd choice, sending those votes to the Assistant Editor ( so as to preserve anonymity of voters (only Development Board members vote);
  • The Development Editor tallies votes and announces the winner, conveying to the winner the opportunity to present at the annual meeting in a session following the ETR&D joint board meeting

Nomination Procedures:
The process starts now with nominations open for the AECT Distinguished Development Award. Please send nominations to Dr. Gwendolyn Morel including the name of the nominee, the nominee’s email address, any relevant URLs, and the basis for the nomination.

Please send your nominations by the deadline listed below. It is completely acceptable to contact other Board members, AECT members, and your colleagues to exchange ideas prior to sending in a nomination.

In the past, we have asked people not to nominate more than two persons so as to keep the nomination pool reasonably manageable.

Please contact Lin Lin ( or Gwendolyn Morel ( for any questions.

Nature of Award:

  • Presentation of a plaque at the AECT awards luncheon and/or the ETR&D Board meeting;
  • Presentation of paper or product by award winner related to the publication at the dedicated ETR&D session at the annual meeting – 20 minutes for the presentation with 10 minutes allotted for discussion (that one-hour session also includes a presentation by the previous year’s Young Scholar winner – award managed by ETR&D-Research.

Funding And Support: AECT

Nominations due by: May 31, 2021

Contact : Dr. Lin Lin,



 • Peggy Ertmer
 • Robert Koper
 • Peter Goodyear
 • Dr. Jan Elen
 • Dr. Jeremy Bailenson
 • Ton de Jong
 • Mitchel Resnick
 • Kinshuk
 • Andrew Gibbons
 • Ali Carr-Chellman
 • Elliot Soloway
 • Chris Dede
 • Kenneth R. Koedinger
 • Markus Hohenwarter
 • Z. Solt Lauicza
 • Kay Persichitte

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