Annual Achievement Award
 for Accomplishments Advancing the ECT Field


AECT's Annual Achievement Award is presented to an individual or group whose efforts resulted in a significant contribution to the advancement of educational communications and technology. The achievement is defined as high profile usually connected to a public event or announcement. It can be an enhanced or new program or service, a creative or large-scale application of educational technology, a significant publication or production, major changes in planning and practice, and other accomplishments that have occurred usually no more than two years in advance of the award presentation at annual convention.

Nominee may be an individual or a group.  If an individual within a group, the role of the nominee shoud be specified.  
The nominee(s) need not be a member of AECT.
Nominee cannot be a current AECT Board Member or AECT Awards Committee member.
Achievement  should be recent or within two years of the presentation.  
Award may be given to the same individual or group more than once.

Review Criteria:
Nature, impact and quality of the specific achievement.
Quality of support from additional references or contributors to the nomination.  

Nominations are coordinated, reviewed and recipients selected initially by the AECT Awards Committee which forwards names of award recipients to the AECT Executive Committee for confirmation. An award review sub-committee led by a member of the AECT Awards Committee and comprised of award committee members and non-members including a previous award recipient forwards recommendations to the Chair.  No more than 2 awards are presented annually.

Nomination Procedures:
To prepare a nomination, click the online nomination form displayed below. Before entering and submitting, review form and then have all information prepared in advance. Include any additional materials as directed. The nomination's supporting comments should include the specific achievement being honored and the impact or anticipated impact in the field of educational technology. Include, the role the nominee played in this achievement.  If a procedural or technical issue arises contact AECT headquarters or the award contact listed below for alternative submission options. Comments from at least one and up to a preferred three references is requested. Required contact information for the references includes name and email address along with additional information. Once submitted, an email will be sent to each reference requesting comments via a link in the message.  

Nomination Form: Click here to submit a nomination.

Nature of Award: Plaque

Presentation: Awards ceremony during General Session at the AECT annual convention

Funding And Support: AECT

Nominations due by: Oct 1, 2023 

Award Management on behalf of AECT: AECT Awards Committee

Contact : AECT Awards Committee,



 • Curtis J. Bonk
 • Punya Mishra
 • Chris Dede
 • Yong Zhao
 • Ed Tech Books
 • Charles Hodges
 • Stephanie Moore
 • Barbara Lockee
 • Torrey Trust
 • Aaron Bond
 • Commission on Creating the Next in Education
 • Mahnaz Moallem
 • Dennis Beck
 • George Veletsianos
 • Royce Kimmons
 • Barbara Lockee
 • Camille Dickson-Deane
 • Angela Benson
 • Peggy Lumpkin
 • Roberto Joseph
 • Jennifer Smolka
 • Delia Neuman
 • Nan Thornton
 • James Klein
 • Monica Tracey
 • M.J. Bishop
 • Rita Richey
 • Gary Morrison
 • Georgia Student Media Festival
 • J. Michael Spector

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