AECT - ETR&D Young Scholars Award

This award recognizes the best paper presented at convention discussing a theoretical construct that could guide research and/or development in educational technology.

An individual who is a candidate for the doctoral degree, or who received the doctorate not more than five (5) years prior to the award nomination deadline is eligible.
Co-authorship is acceptable provided that the Young Scholar applicant is the primary author.

Review Criteria:
-The paper must be an original unpublished work dealing with research and theory in educational technology.
-It must deal with a theoretical construct, analyses of related research, and original recommendations for future research and/or development.
-The paper may not be a report of a specific research study or development project.
-It must be 20-30 pages long, excluding references, and must conform to the Publications Manual of the American Psychological Association, latest edition.

The selection of the winning paper will be the responsibility of the editor and editorial board of the Research Section of ETR&D. Only a submission judged worthy of the award will be presented.

Nomination Procedures:
Send entry submissions via electronic attachment of the manuscript to:
Dr. Tristan Johnson at e-mail address:
ETR&D Research Editor
Northeastern University

Nature of Award: A cash award will be presented to the winner during the AECT National Convention. The winner will also receive the opportunity to present the paper at AECT the following year . Additionally, the winning paper will be published in Educational Technology Research and Development (ETR&D), the refereed scholarly research journal published by the Association for Educational Communications and Technology (AECT).

Presentation: At a general session at the annual convention.

Funding And Support: Springer Publishing

Nominations due by: May 31 2019

Award Management on behalf of AECT: ETR&D

Contact : Dr. Tristan Johnson,



 • Royce Kimmons, Charles R Graham, Rick West
 • Hui Rong, Ikseon Choi
 • Charles R. Graham & Lisa Halverson
 • Nicholas J. Lux
 • Robert Carson
 • Dabae Lee
 • Sebnum Cilesiz
 • Rick West
 • Yanghee Kim
 • M.J. Bishop
 • Elizabeth Downs

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