Design and Development
Division Board Member

Noah Glaser
Old Dominion University

Dr. Noah Glaser is an Assistant Professor of Instructional Design & Technology at Old Dominion University. In his role, he conducts research related to the design, development, deployment, and evaluation of advanced learning technologies. Throughout his doctorate he has collaborated with local hospitals and day programs to create award-winning psycho-educational software, including a gamified web and mobile-based executive functioning intervention for adolescents with epilepsy and a suite of virtual reality interventions for young  autistic adults. He is currently exploring new developments in portable and wearable brain and eye tracking hardware to measure the brain activity of learners to examine engagement and cognitive load. He is also researching the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to create adaptive and personalized learning experiences. Noah is also passionate about  promoting STEM and research interests through community work and mentorship opportunities.

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