Organizational Training and Performance

Annetta Dolowitz
University of South Alabama

My name is Annetta Dolowitz, MPH, MSW. I am a PhD candidate in instructional design and development at the University of South Alabama. I have been actively involved on both GSA and OTP for the past three years. Since 2021 I have been the GSA rep to OTP. In 2021 I was a recipient of OTPs AECT scholarship and was mentored at the convention by Holly Handley. This coming year I am working to see what kind of joint workshops we can do with OTP and GSA that will employ the resources and skills of AECTís Career Center.  In 2021 I was selected as one of AECTís consultants to NATOís Training and Development division that sponsors the D&Dís design competition. This year I was selected as one of the inaugural Phillip Harris Transformational Leadership Development interns.
For over eight years I have been an adjunct professor at the University of Alabama at Birmingham in their school of business. I teach nonprofit management courses and help to create a special nonprofit leadership interdisciplinary certificate for undergraduates. I co-created and teach a Hogwarts School of Leadership course. And because I think sleep is far overrated as is having a personal life, I am active in the Team-Based Learning Consortium, create and conduct international trainings, as well as co-author articles about online learning and facilitation. I also work as a contract designer and trainer for LifeCrafter Inc., a local nonprofit that serves to educate and advocate for marginalized voices through restorative leadership training. There are a few other things here, but this works!
Now, though I say having a personal life is overrated, I am VERY lucky for the one I have! I LOVE gardening and animals. If I could, I would have a basset farm with chickens (Silkies and alpacas. I love cats too friends, however, I am allergic, and my other half says I would have to go. Given we have been together for 20+ years, the cats are the ones who cannot come!). I love to wander around new places and travel places where English is not the common language. In fact, I just completed summer research course in internationalization of higher education where I worked with colleagues from around the world. I am always up for a new adventure and enjoy being ďaloneĒ more than most folks would think or believe when they meet me.

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