Systems Thinking & Change
Division Board Member (2 Positions)

Christopher Luchs
Colorado Community College System

With over 17 years of experience as a higher education administrator, I have a wealth of experience providing leadership for change management and successfully navigating the complex systems and cultures of higher education and where online learning, instructional design and technology fit in these systems. I am currently serving at the Colorado Community College System level as the Associate Dean for Career Technical Education and Mathematics for Colorado Online, which spans traditional transfer courses as well as industry certification courses, and regularly work with multiple colleges and state and federal agencies to ensure compliance, documentation, and reporting. My everyday work requires system thinking and change management on almost a daily basis to ensure student success and the support of my faculty, staff, and programs. I have also served on many advisory boards as well as officer positions on Boards of Directors for City, County, and non-profit organizations. This background informs my approach as an active member who provides and welcomes diverse viewpoints and ideas. I have earned a Masterís of Business Administration from the University of Nebraska and am currently ABD for my Ph.D. in Community College Leadership at Old Dominion University.

Whatever organization or community of practice that I have been involved in I take an active leadership role of organizing people and activities. I have run book clubs, MOOCs and professional learning opportunities that collaboratively created resources on online learning, bitcoin, the blockchain in education, data justice and algorithms used within systems. I have worked on research in justice, equity, inclusion and diversity (JEDI) and would like to contribute to STC by creating and leading collaborative discussions and projects on how we as practitioners and researchers can influence system dynamics in transformation processes whether we are addressing novel, chronic or wicked problems.

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