Systems Thinking & Change
President Elect Candidate

Samantha Blevins
Radford University

Samantha J. Blevins - As an instructional designer with design and teaching experience in various educational settings I have learned that change can only be successful if it is approached from a systematic perspective. This perspective gives structure to the process and helps continually move that process forward. In my current role as an Instructional Designer leading the ePortfolio effort on Radford University's campus, I have applied this process to the implementation of ePortfolios, building a community of practice that continually evolves and improves. I have previously served STC in the roles of communications officer, secretary/treasurer and STC Board Representative. As a nominee for President Elect, I welcome the opportunity to resume a leadership position and deep involvement within the division and within AECT as a whole, as well as to shape the future of our organization. In addition, I also plan to apply my community building skills to this role, strengthening an already wonderful and vibrant community within AECT.

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