Systems Thinking & Change

Catherine Gill
Louisiana Department of Education & Walden University

Hello, My name is Catherine Gill.  I'm a Ph.D. student in Educational Technology & Design and hold a Master's degree in Accounting. My two bachelor's degrees are in Accounting and Marketing & Management. I work in Research & Data Privacy at a state educational agency. My current work involves planning and delivering training and development on student data privacy, confidentiality, and security. Before joining my team in Baton Rouge, I worked as a Chief Financial Officer at a corporate office owning eight regional early learning centers. Prior to serving as CFO, I worked in accounting within the commercial and industrial construction industry and for a family of attorneys & CPAs at their corporate headquarters. Beyond the previously mentioned experiences, I worked in various Marketing, Management, and Office Administration positions as I traveled in my twenties and thirties with a member of the

With my 20-plus years of experience in corporate and educational settings building critical thinking and lifelong learning skills, I can help AECT improve the fields of Educational Communications & Technology by serving as a committed member and its Secretary & Treasurer of the Systems Thinking & Change Executive Board. Over time, you will see I am a responsible steward dedicated to service and growth in the field of educational Technology. I can't wait to see what we can create together in the future.

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