Culture, Learning and Technology
CLT Board Representative

Osemome Ndebbio
Boise State University

I’m Osemome Ndebbio. The majority of people call me Ose (pronounced "Oh Say"). Currently, I am a graduate student at Boise State University studying Organizational Performance and Workplace Learning. Additionally, I work part-time at Quiktrak Inc. as an instructional design specialist. As Leo Buscaglia said, “change is the end result of all true learning,” and I am always looking for ways to remove learning barriers at my company to enable learners to take the steps necessary to improve their outcomes, whether through learning or profitable actions.

In the past, I have worked with nonprofit organizations to improve the educational and health outcomes of communities that experience avoidable disparities. In my research and development work, I aim to close performance gaps by designing learning experiences that are effective. The goal is to empower organizations and their employees regardless of socioeconomic status or cultural background to reach their full potential. So, I'm constantly looking for ways to make learning more accessible using technology and evidence-based practices.

As a graduate student in the process of completing my degree, I am looking for ways to optimize and deploy my strengths and talents within an ever-evolving community of practice. As part of this effort, I have been working with my professors and peers at Boise State University in the Marginalized and Cross-Cultural Research & Design Learning Tech Group (MarCC Lab) and the Process Management Lab. This semester, I will be working in the Interactive Design Lab to research how organizational culture influences game-based learning and gamification.

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