Culture, Learning and Technology
Graduate Student Representative

Kristin Herman
Old Dominion University

The division of Culture, Learning, and Technology (CLT) has become a home for graduate students who have research interests in how instructional design can support or disrupt systems of oppression. When I first joined AECT a year ago, CLT seemed like a tangential fit to social justice work at best. Thru attendance at monthly meetings, and participation with the CLT graduate student group, weíve been able to share with AECT membership and beyond on topics such as intersectionality, student support versus student surveillance, and a localized context of use approach. It has been exponentially rewarding to be part of a division that is so willing to amplify graduate student voices and I look forward to being able to amplify the work of the division back to GSA members. Iíve participated in multiple webinars sponsored by the division and look forward to continuing CLTís work with GSA this coming year as we uncover how land acknowledgement statements can/cannot further acts of social justice in instructional design both at the individual and organizational level. Iíve been an active volunteer in GSA throughout my first year with AECT, attending monthly meetings and special events. Iím also currently serving GSA leadership as the 2021-2022 Communications Officer. I look forward to continuing to serve both CLT and GSA members of AECT thru consistent, transparent communication.

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