Culture, Learning and Technology
VP Professional Development

Hannah Grossman
UCLA/Duke University National Center for Child Traumatic Stress

Hannah M Grossman, PhD. is an ID practitioner at the UCLA/Duke University National Center for Child Traumatic Stress. In her role, she creates workforce trainings to support trauma-informed professionalism in youth-serving systems. Her instructional design focuses on collaborative experiential learning using a cognitive load framework. In practice this comprises facilitated discussions supported with instructional tools using real-world materials to provide rich places for professionals to share perspectives, combine understandings, and critically reason together. This structure enables reflection on complex problems and interactions that address sensitive social, emotional, and cultural issues.

While Hannah enjoys staying active across the AECT, over the years CLT has become her “home” division because of the sense of belonging and community they provide. Her IRCEES community-of-practice (an AECT CLT and E/Merge Africa research collaborative) has expanded her thinking about collaboration and research communities. She believes in transformational systems’ change and believes that change is best developed in community. In summary, as a practitioner in workforce development instructional design, Hannah Grossman would appreciate the opportunity to contribute to her CLT community by co-creating professional development opportunities with the division.

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