Graduate Student Assembly
ELT Board Representative

Maria Satre
Capital University/Old Dominion University

Hello. I am excited to be a member of the AECT GSA, and I am interested in running to be the GSA representative to the Division of Emerging Learning Technologies. I am an Instructional Design and Technology PhD student at Old Dominion University and a faculty member in the School of Nursing at Capital University. I am also a wife, a mother (both two legged and four legged), a baker, and a crafter. I enjoy learning about new technology and exploring ways I can use technology to help enhance my teaching, improve student learning, or streamline a process. In my faculty role, I am an innovator and early adopter of education technology whether it relates to a new application in my university's learning management system, an active learning strategies in the classroom, or a high tech tool in the nursing simulation laboratory. In my faculty role, I readily assist faculty in my own school and in other schools across campus with training and troubleshooting their use of education technology. I believe that education technology can help to engage students, enhance communication, allow individualized learning, prepare students for the future, promote student interaction, and automate tasks to save time. With the many benefits of learning technology, there are also drawbacks. It should not be used based only on its aesthetics. Improper use of technology can increase student overload and distraction while hampering student creativity and learning. The Division of Emerging Learning Technology has an interest in developing standards for use of emerging learning technology. I am interested in joining this division to explore the use of new learning technology and to be part of the discussion on best practices for implementation in the classroom.  

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