Graduate Student Assembly
CLT Board Representative Candidate

Mia Knowles-Davis
Old Dominion University

As a Black, queer woman in academia my research has always revolved around intersectional, inclusivity, and cultural issues. I joined AECT in 2019 in my first year as a doctoral student in the IDT program at Old Dominion University and have presented research in the CLT division and other divisions at the AECT conventions the past two years. In my personal life I am the head journalist for a nerd news website which requires me to organize and lead several other novice journalists who are located along the East coast. At my job I am a member of the Employee Pride Task Force and the Wellness Committee. As a member of these groups it is my job to help organize events that all members of the city would be interested in attending and ensure that they are inclusive and accessible. These positions have taught me how to work with people of differing beliefs, personalities, and temperaments. They have also taught me that sometimes the simplest of tasks can become complicated if there's a lack of communication or mismanagement.

As the GSA rep for CLT I would do my best to be a fully engaged member in both the CLT and GSA divisions that actively contributes and advocates for the well-being of everyone. This would mean helping to facilitate more conversations about how our organizations could be more culturally inclusive in all areas (i.e., website, advertising, activities). I'm very well spoken and I've been told that I relay information in a way that's extremely accessible. These skills will make it easy for me to to communicate information between GSA and CLT as well as advocate for future and support current collaboration between the two groups. My research interests in CLT, prior experience in leading and organizing diverse groups, and ability to effectively communicate information to various stakeholders positions me well for the GSA Rep for the CLT Division.

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