Graduate Student Assembly
TIL Board Representative Candidate

Ozlem Karakaya
Iowa State University

I am a Ph.D. student in the Educational Technology program at the School of Education of Iowa State University (ISU) and co-majoring in Human-Computer Interaction at ISU. I hold a Master's degree and an Instructional Design Certificate in Curriculum & Instructional Technology (CIT) program from Iowa State University. I also hold a BA in English Language Teaching from Marmara University (Turkey). My research interests include teacher education & technology, online teaching, social media education, open educational resources and open pedagogy.

I am currently working as a Research and Teaching assistant at my institution as well as involved in Iowa Department of Education project as an instructional designer. As part of my teaching responsibilities, I have taught two labs for an Introductory Educational Technology Course where we introduced emerging technologies to the preservice teachers enrolled to the course. For several years, I have been doing standalone teaching for the Learning Technologies Minor program that aims to prepare preservice teachers to become fluent in current and emerging technologies. The two courses that I have designed by myself and have been teaching are about Makerspace technologies and BreakoutEDU game design and development. I have also been teaching Technology Field Experience course where I supervise preservice teachers to go to the schools and complete their technology field experience. As stated above, I have been also working as an instructional designer in an Iowa Department of Education project as part of my assistantship to train K-12 teachers about online teaching.

As my very recent assistantship in the Iowa Department of Education project highlights, I am passionate about 'providing leadership in educational communications and technology'. To achieve that, I -as part of a small team- support K-12 teachers to move their face-to-face course content online, improve the quality of their online synchronous and asynchronous teaching, enabling teacher presence and student-student, student-teacher interactions in their courses. I also support these teachers to think above and beyond and prepare their courses as Open Educational resources so that other educators and students can benefit from their work. When I am doing this work, it does not feel that this is my job. On the contrary, it is a passion for me to support the educators and practitioners to teach with technology.

In addition to this, I like to get my research interests and my teaching connected as I believe the importance of 'applied research in the use of technology-integrated learning in both formal and informal learning environments'. I have been teaching Makerspace and BreakoutEDU (emerging technologies) courses and conducting research over these topics as well. As part of the Technology Field Experience course I teach, I like to supervise and support preservice teachers to better teach with technology as they are going to be future K-12 teachers.

Driven by my interests, passions, and experiences, I am delighted to apply for the Division of Technology Integrated Learning representation position. I am interested in providing leadership in educational communications and technology as well as emphasizing the use of technology integrated learning in both formal and informal learning environments. I am confident that my skills will readily translate to this position and thus will help me in contributing to the AECT family.

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