Graduate Student Assembly
OTP Board Representative Candidate

Annetta Dolowitz
University of South Alabama

Hello! I am Annetta Dolowitz. I am a Ph.D. student at the University of South Alabama. My degree is in Instructional Design and Development with a certificate in Human Performance Improvement. I have been lucky to be an adjunct professor at the University of Alabama at Birmingham in the Collat School of Business. My specialties are in nonprofit management, Hogwarts School of Leadership, flipped classroom design and implementation and working towards microlearning. My emerging expertise is in the restorative practices and leadership skills for 9-12th Graders, K-12 Administrators, and those who have experienced domestic violence. As you can see, I continue to bridge my career between the worlds of academics and practitioner, and I am now adding designer and researcher!

During my 7+ year academic journey, I discovered that there is often a disconnect between the teacher, the learner, the design of the materials and desired outcomes. My journey led me to recognize the importance of facilitation, not being the sage from the stage. I first discovered that as a trainer.

Having spent years as a professional trainer and now an educating trainer for Team-Based Learning, I discovered that my passion centers around the learner's learning and the trainer's ability to facilitate the desired learning. OTP is a division that speaks to my heart as I have bridged the practitioner world and the world of academics. As a GSA and OTP member, being the GSA representative to the OTP division makes a great partnership. As OTP proceeds to build relationships and ties with ISPI, I can bring ideas and needs from GSA members to enable OTP to create programs beneficial to newly emerging academics, practitioners, and researchers.

I care about GSA members knowing that there are viable alternatives to just academic positions. I also want new or inquiring GSA members to feel there is a home for them in AECT outside of GSA. I look forward to your faith in me to not only be a good representative but the ability to continue my growth as I learn and pass along what it is I am learning to you!

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