Graduate Student Assembly
International Board Representative Candidate

Bushra Alghamdi
Virginia Tech

My name is Bushra. I am an international doctoral student at Virginia Tech from Saudi Arabia. My major at VT is Instructional Design & Technology. I also study subjects related to Learning science and Learning and Cognition. My research interests focus on online learning, learning analytics, and design and development.

Furthermore, I am a faculty member at a University in my country. I work at the Department of Educational Technology, and my job mainly is to prepare faculty, pre-service teachers, and future educators to lead and teach. This working experience motivates me to pursue my education to provide my trainee and students with the best learning experience I can provide.

For me, AECT was the first convention to attend outside my country. Throughout my previous involvement with AECT as a first-timer attendee and then a volunteer, I have gained precious knowledge and am still learning. I have made a great connection with leaders, educators, designers, and interesting people from all over the U.S. and worldwide. Thus, I find that the more I get closer, the more I learn and enjoy my time with people who share the same interest. My goal is to learn from others and share some experiences from my background.

During my involvement with AECT, I find the community a welcoming and great place to grow as a young educator.
Observing AECT's various divisions has helped me understand the different aspects of the field and focused my attention on the field aspects that are more interesting to me and related to my professional background.

Finally, as an international graduate student, I would love to learn more about the International Division and serve as a bridge between this division and GSA. If elected as the GSA Representative to the International Division for 2022-2023, I am eager to contribute to both divisions and help support collaboration among team members. I look forward to serving in this position. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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