Graduate Student Assembly
International Board Representative

Bushra Alghamdi
Virginia Tech

My name is Bushra. I am an international doctoral student at Virginia Tech from Saudi Arabia. My major at VT is Instructional Design & Technology. I also study subjects related to Learning science and Learning and Cognition. My research interests focus on online learning, learning analytics, and design and development.

I am also a faculty member at a University in my country. I work at the Department of Educational Technology, and my job mainly is to prepare faculty, pre-service teachers, and future educators to lead and teach. This working experience motivates me to pursue my education to provide my trainee and students with the best learning experience I can provide.

For me, AECT was the first convention to attend outside my country. Throughout my previous involvement with AECT as a first-timer attendee then a volunteer, I have gained precious knowledge and am still learning. I have made a great connection with leaders, educators, designers, and interesting people from all over the U.S. and worldwide. I find that the more I get closer, the more I learn and enjoy my time with people who share the same interest. My goal is to learn from others and share some experience from my background and as well. I find the AECT community a welcoming and great place to grow as a young educator.
Observing AECT various divisions has helped me understand the different aspects of the field and focused my attention on the one I am interested in. As an international graduate student, I would love to learn more about the International Division and serve as a bridge between this division and GSA. If elected as the GSA Representative to the International Division for 2022-2023, I am eager to contribute to both divisions and help support collaboration among teams members. I look forward to serving in this position. Thank you for your consideration.

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