Graduate Student Assembly
RTD Board Representative

Zhuo Zhang
Purdue University


My Name is Zhuo Zhang. I'm a third-year doctoral student in the Learning Design & Technology program at Purdue University. I work as a teaching assistant/instructor for an undergraduate introductory educational technology course, which aims to promote pre-service teachers' capability of accessing, implementing, and evaluating a variety of educational technologies. I enjoyed every moment working with and learning from my lovely students!

I am also a passionate graduate student researcher. I am particularly interested in online learners' self-regulated learning behaviors, preservice teachers' technology integration self-efficacy, and quantitative research methodology (e.g, meta-analysis, SEM). Promoted by my diverse research interests, I am pursuing a dual master's degree in the Educational Psychology program at Purdue University with a concentration on methodology. In regards to the learning design experience, I am working as a graduate assistant for a government-funded project that aims to build up an online learning/teaching resources repository for all the k-12 teachers and students in Indiana. My main job responsibilities in this project are conducting the needs assessment, collecting learning resources, writing video scripts, and producing digital posters and animated videos.

I consider myself a good fit for this GSA representative position as my research experiences align with the mission of RTD. Also, I am a person who is always eager to learn, easy to communicate/collaborate with. I am looking forward to serving in the AECT in the upcoming year and I think the GSA representative position is a great opportunity for me to engage in a professional community, expand networks, and develop my leadership skills. Thanks!

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