Graduate Student Assembly
AECT Board Representative

Frank Jamison
The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

My name is Frank, and this is my very first term at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology. I am in the Ed.D. Educational Psychology and Technology program. I am 53 years old and married with five children and nine grandchildren. I live in Southern California in a little town called Hemet, which is roughly 80 miles north of San Diego and 80 miles east of Los Angeles.

I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science and a Master of Science degree in Information Technology with a concentration in Web Design. I also hold a Graduate Certificate in Full Stack+ Programming. All of which were earned through online programs.

In the past, I have worked as a software developer at Broadridge Financial Solutions to provide financial advisors with online tools for digital marketing purposes. I am currently employed as an Instructional Laboratory Technician at Mt. San Jacinto College, where I oversee the physics laboratory and assist students as they are running their laboratory experiments; I serve as Treasurer for the Mt. San Jacinto College Classified Senate, I am on the District EEO Advisory Committee, and I am an active member of the California School Employees Association.

I am a veteran of the Armed Forces, having served three years of active duty in West Germany, two years in the California National Guard, one year in the California Air National Guard, and one year in the Air Force Reserves. I have the distinction of having been awarded the National Defense Service Medal for active-duty service in the California Air National Guard during the Desert Storm operation.

Being an active member of the California School Employees Association and the Treasurer of the Mt. San Jacinto Classified Senate, I feel I have a good background in how board meetings are run. I aim to gain experience in leadership and how non-profit organizations run so that I can better serve my college and my community.

For the next three years, and hopefully, for life beyond, I will be knee-deep in educational research. I look forward to learning all I can about educational psychology and how it relates to technology.  

I aspire to be an instructor of learning and technology in higher education and view culture as an essential pillar of this occupational endeavor. Through this position, I wish to grow my leadership and organizational skills.

It would be my honor to represent my fellow graduate students as a member of the GSA on the AECT Board of Directors and, if elected, will put the utmost effort into doing the best possible job for the GSA Division and the AECT as a whole.

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