Graduate Student Assembly
DDL Board Representative

Jaesung Hur
Florida State University

Jaesung Hur is a doctoral student in Instructional Systems and Learning Technologies (ISLT) at Florida State University. She got a B.A. in Educational Technology in South Korea and graduated with M.S. in ISLT at FSU.

Her research interests are mainly instructors’ and learners’ motivation and engagement in online teaching and learning. Knowing the importance of active participation and instructional practices in distance education, she has been involved in research projects on online students’ participation behaviors, identifying students’ learning profiles in online courses, students’ feelings of othering, webcam usages, college students’ social media use and emotion, and teaching assistants’ challenges and training needs.

Prior to pursuing graduate degrees, she worked as an instructional designer for around three years. Based on her work experience, she is also working on a project to examine instructional designers’ perceptions and experiences in applying learning analytics.

Jaesung currently serves leadership roles in the Student Leadership Council at the College of Education and the Instructional Systems Student Association at FSU. She actively proposed event ideas to better include students with diverse backgrounds. In addition, she created a webpage where current Korean students, upcoming students, and residents in town can share the latest information and build a community. Using her initiative, she demonstrated her interest and care in diversity and community building.

Jaesung has participated in the AECT conferences since 2020. Feeling the AECT as her valuable community, she is eager to contribute to both GSA and DDL. She has a great passion for supporting graduate students to get involved in DDL and also engaging them to join activities associated with GSA and DDL.

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