Graduate Student Assembly
Teacher Education Board Representative

Danielle Fernandez
Idaho State University

Hello, My name is Danni Fernandez. I have lived my entire life in Idaho. Currently, I live in Pocatello, Idaho. I am in the Instructional Design and Technology program at Idaho State University and have just completed the first semester of my Masters's degree. When I am not working on school, I am a 7th-grade science teacher, backyard farmer, and a bit of a nerd. I am constantly reading, playing video games, and listening to music. Even though I have just finished my first semester, I have a real passion for Instructional Design and Technology.

I was lucky to meet many of you during the 2022 AECT Conference in Las Vegas. The conference led me to want to run for a leadership position. I was able to meet and connect with so many people whose passions lined up with mine. I felt that I found my place with TED and would love to be the GSA representative for TED. A lot of TED's work is inspiring not only as a graduate student but also as a teacher. As a division, TED is working on some great things, most notably their journal JTILT. JTILT  has so much potential in the K-12 education field. I want to see JTILT spread, become more well-known, and grow as a resource for all. I find TED as something I want to be a part of, and I feel that this would be the best way to do it.  I am very new to all this, but I would love to put in the work and be a part of GSA's representation.

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