Graduate Student Assembly
OTP Board Representative

Ericka Eppler
Oklahoma State University

Hello! My name is Ericka Eppler, and I am a Ph.D. student at Oklahoma State University. I am studying Learning, Design, and Technology and working on graduate certificates in college teaching and data science. As part of my assistantship, I work as a student instructional designer; I am especially interested in online learning in higher education and workplace settings. I am also employed part-time as a math and science tutor for secondary and college students.

As a student instructional designer, I have learned about the importance of training and performance, which piqued my interest in OTP. Part of excellent performance is creating a space for effective communication. Therefore, I would like to be a part of maintaining this space in AECT as the GSA Rep to the Organizational Training and Performance (OTP) Division. In my role, I will attend all OTP meetings and keep communication channels flowing between OTP and GSA. I will also look for any areas where I could improve communication.

Making connections for group collaboration adds richness to our excellent AECT organization; that value would not be there without these connections. Therefore, I would like to uphold these connections and find new avenues to grow the relationship between GSA and OTP as the standards as the GSA Rep to the Organizational Training and Performance (OTP) Division. Here's to another great year of working together!

I look forward to serving you in this role. Thank you!

Ericka K. Eppler

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