Research & Theory
Communications Officer

Jiangmei Yuan
West Virginia University

Jiangmei Yuan has been an Assistant Professor of Instructional Design and Technology in the Department of Counseling and Learning Sciences at West Virginia University since she completed her doctoral degree in Learning, Design, and Technology at the University of Georgia. Her research currently focuses on teacher learning of engineering design and computer science, and engineering studentsí learning in foundational courses. Her work has been published in top-tier journals, including Educational Technology, Research, and Development, Computers and Education, Instructional Science, Journal of Computer Assisted Learning, etc. She has been an AECT member and attending AECT conventions for about 10 years. She was a participant of the 2016 NSF/AECT Early Career Research Symposium and she has been reviewing conference proposals every year. She is very committed to broadening her contribution to AECT as an RTD Communication Officer.

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