Research & Theory
President Elect

Bret Staudt Willet
Florida State University

The first thing to know about me is that I care deeply about how people connect meaningfully and build communities through digital spaces. This is an essential skill for serving on the RTD board, as nearly all of our work is completed when members are scattered across the globe. I have a lot of experience with this. I may be a new Assistant Professor at Florida State University, but I had decade of leadership and management experience prior to starting my PhD. I have many years of experience in building and sustaining communities across great geographic distance, as well as planning programs and conferences. As a tenure track professor, Iím fortunate to have some stability and a plan for the coming years. The three-year commitment of this position fits well with my professional trajectory.

It has been my pleasure to serve on the RTD board for three years previously, starting as the divisionís Graduate Student Representative, then as Secretary, and most recently as Communications Officer. In these elected roles, I have advocated for graduate students, organized information for the whole division, revamped the division website, interviewed our members, promoted our webinars, and helped design and launch the inaugural RTD Theory Spotlight Competition. I was honored to receive RTDís Outstanding Service Award in 2021 in recognition of these contributions. Beyond these leadership roles, I have benefited tremendously from several of RTDís other core programs, such as participating as a doctoral student in the Early Career Symposium and engaging in scholarly conversation around my Featured Research presentation. In short, I am familiar with each RTD program as well as how they fit together as a whole. Most importantly, RTD has been my professional home, and I continue to benefit from the relationships here. Thank you for considering me for this position.

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