Emerging Learning Technologies
Board Member at Large

Yeol Huh
Kennesaw State University

Dr. Yeol Huh is an assistant professor in the School of Instructional Technology and Innovation (SITI) at Kennesaw State University. He received his Ph.D. from Instructional Systems Technology (IST) Department at Indiana University and has worked as an assistant professor at Emporia State University in Kansas for 4 and a half years and at Ewha Womans University in Korea for 1 and a half years before he joined Kennesaw State University in August 2022. Dr. Huh has various work experiences ranging from working for an international trading company, as an instructional designer for Fortune 500 companies, and as faculty at higher education institutions. His career vision is to realize learner-centered learning environments in both formal and informal learning contexts and as an effort to do so,  his research interest has centered on creating learner-centered instruction by facilitating personalized learning, developing self-regulated learning abilities of learners, and effectively integrating emerging teaching and learning technologies.

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