President Elect

Tonia Dousay
University of Alaska Anchorage - Download Profile/Vita

Dr. Tonia. A. Dousay is a first-generation college graduate and the daughter of two U.S. Navy veterans. Known by her students as "Dr. D," Tonia graduated with a B.S. in Agricultural Science and M.S. in Agricultural Education from Texas A&M University, falling in love with experiential education and nontraditional approaches to learning. With more than 20 years of project management experience in PK-20, industry, and law enforcement/military learning environments, she now holds a Ph.D. in Learning, Design & Technology from the University of Georgia. Tonia's lifelong love of learning has taken her to the University of Wyoming as an Assistant Professor (2013-2017); the University of Idaho as an Associate Professor and Associate Dean for Assessment & Accreditation (2017-2022); and the University of Alaska Anchorage as the Dean of the School of Education (2022-Present). Whether she's working with middle schoolers or retired community members, Tonia focuses on stimulating natural curiosity to self-regulate and motivate in an any learning environment

Candidate Statement

As a candidate for President-Elect, I bring continuous service and experience at every level of the organization that is tempered by leadership in parallel organizations.

  • I began as a graduate student volunteering at convention, eventually serving as President of the Graduate Student Assembly
  • As an intern, I became more active in committees, including Awards and Leadership Development
  • My career focus areas in distance learning and teacher education made both divisions logical areas for activity
  • While serving as President of the Division of Distance Learning, I also pursued my Google certifications and became more active in the Society for Educational Technology & Teacher Education
  • It was a pleasure to co-plan the 2014 convention in Jacksonville and 2021 hybrid convention in Chicago
  • I am honored to be co-chair of the Organization & Bylaws Committee, presenting updated bylaws to the membership for ratification

Vision for AECT

We are a community of practice poised for change. We have learned much from two hybrid conventions, and we have much to learn as we transition leadership, preparing for the next 100 years of AECT.

  1. Now is the time to assess and enhance our AECT infrastructure.
    1. Pursue partnerships and funding
    2. Grow our staff to levels that match our needs
  2. Revaluate our strategic plan
    1. Leverage the revised bylaws
    2. Sustain growth and development
  3. Transform access to research and informing practice
    1. Exercise our relationship with edtechbooks, host of JAID and AECT-affiliated OER
    2. Explore relationships with peripheral outlets such as eLearn Magazine
  4. Evolve and expand our partnerships
    1. Create inter-organizational relationships
    2. Re-establish shared scholarship with affiliated organizations
    3. Engage in updating the expectations of the field

I thank you for trusting me as a leader in AECT for the past decade, and I look forward to the opportunity to serve you as President-Elect.

Address: 320 W. 8th Street, Suite 101
Bloomington, IN 47404-3745
Toll Free: 877-677-2328
Phone: 812-335-7675