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Study Title: Case Studies: Instructional Technology in a Time of Crisis

Thousands of teachers, professors, trainers, and administrators are being told to teach, train, and work from home, and millions of children, teenagers, college students, and employees are being required to learn and work from home. Critical to the success of teaching and learning in this situation is the effective applications of instructional technologies for teaching and learning, especially the uses of instructional technology for teaching at a distance. Also of interest are professional initiatives related to telehealth and telemedicine.

It is important for professional organizations, such as the Association for Educational Communications and Technology (AECT), to capture the moment from the perspective of the scientist and scholar. The field must know what happened, what was successful, and what was not, in order to inform educators and trainers for the future.

We invite you to participate in a major case study effort. For the next several months, we are inviting AECTers to participate in a multi-case study research project. We would like individual or institutional group members to keep a journal of the events in their organization, school, or college related to the response to the Coronavirus outbreak that involve instructional technology including online/distance learning and telehealth efforts. Specifically, we would like AECT members to start a journal and regularly make notations related to these research questions:

  • How are schools, colleges, and organizations managing the mandate to rapidly teach, consult, train, and learn from home?
  • What specific actions are being taken?
  • Who are taking the lead in the organization to guide the move from traditional education and training to online education, training, and consulting?
  • What barriers have been encountered?
  • What worked, and what did not?
  • How is this phenomenon being experienced by individuals in the organization?
  • Are there telehealth and telemedicine applications of instructional technology success stories.

We are especially interested in your, or your group’s, personal observations, not the official communications from your organization. When the crisis is over, or abates, we will ask you to transcribe your journal into a short, but specific, essay – a personal report on the response to the crisis. Naturally, there will be no reference to the name of the organization but certainly please describe the type, size, geographical location of the organization that was the subject of your journal narrative. In addition, please collect any artifact that stood out for you for various reasons - because it was unexpected, extremely helpful, funny, useless, caused unnecessary anxiety - related to your institution’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic—specifically related to instructional technology, training, consulting, and online learning.

We hope to receive hundreds of these essays which will be collected, edited, and included in an Encyclopedia of Case Studies: Instructional Technology in a Time of Crisis (Institutional Responses to the Covid-19 Pandemic).  In addition, the submissions will be critically analyzed to identify common threads and best practices. Institutional Review has been conducted and approved.

A parallel and follow-up study involving a survey of all AECT members is also planned.

Instructional Technology in a Time of Crisis Study Team

Michael Simonson, Ph.D.
Instructional Technology and Distance Education
Fischler College of Education and School of Criminal Justice
College of Health Care Sciences

NOTE: This study has been approved by the Institutional Review Board at Nova Southeastern University


  • Fischler College of Education, Nova Southeastern University
  • Association for Educational Communications and Technology, Bloomington, IN
  • Information Age Publishing, Charlotte, NC

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Thank you for your consideration,

Michael Simonson, Ph.D.


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