Featured Research's Description

As the premier professional organization in instructional design and technology, AECT actively fosters the dissemination of important research findings. In order to encourage a greater number of high-quality research paper presentations at our annual convention, the Research & Theory Division will feature a small number of research paper sessions. The following describes these sessions:

* A few sixty-minute concurrent convention sessions will be devoted for presentation and discussion of Featured Research papers.

* Each presenter will present his or her paper, followed by critique, comment, and synthesis by a noted discussant and question-and-answer by audience members.

Nature of Featured Research Studies:

* A featured research paper must report on a COMPLETED RESEARCH STUDY that has not been published in a journal nor previously presented at a conference.

* The paper should describe an EMPIRICAL STUDY that used primarily quantitative, qualitative or mixed methods.

* In all cases, a study must involve the collection of data. Literature reviews, papers describing theories unaccompanied by supporting data, and other non-data-based papers will not be considered for this type of session.

* A study must have been conducted and the data analyzed at the time a proposal is submitted.

Submission of a Full Paper:

Authors of an accepted featured research paper must submit a full paper (not a slide presentation or outline) to their discussant by midnight September 1, 2018.

For questions regarding a Featured Research submission, contact Yi-Chun (Shelly) Hong at yhong22@asu.edu