Emerging Learning Technologies' Description

The Emerging Learning Technologies Division (formerly the Mulitmedia Division) is comprised of AECT members who are particularly interested in the production and evaluation of instructional multimedia. Participants’ interests range from video and audio created for courses to 3D printed materials, learning games, transmedia, mobile applications, augmented and virtual reality and other products and research. Some are open source, off-the-shelf, and others are instructionally designed. The kinds of work our members do with today’s media incite the imaginations of faculty and students alike, motivating learners like little else.

We are interested in studies that address production on topics such as instructional design concerns, development issues, usability testing, experimental research on media treatments, and the evaluation of instructional multimedia.

Additionally, we seek proposals that report on lessons learned during the production process. Interactive instructional media in the forms of serious games; simulations; pedagogic/conversation agents; Captivate/Flash animation; transmedia experiences, pod-and vod-casting; Unity environments; Second Life; and PowerPoint will be considered. The division also sponsors the Special Interest Forum in Instructional Games.

For questions regarding proposals for the Emerging Learning Technologies Division please contact:

Byron Havord at bhavard@uwf.edu or Jonathan Gratch jsgratch@gmail.com