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Tugce Aldemir
Pennsylvania State University - Download Profile/Vita

I am a PhD candidate in Learning, Design and Technology major at Pennsylvania State University. I received my B.S. and M.S. degrees in Computer Education and Instructional Technology at Middle East Technical University in Turkey. I also studied in Information Design major at FH Johanneum-University of Applied Science in Graz, Austria.

I have involved in AECT for more than four years. In my second year, I served as the Graduate Student Assembly Design and Development Division Representative. At the 2017 AECT Convention, I had the privilege of being one of the Cochran Interns, and as an attempt to give back for what AECT has been generously offering me, I served as the President of GSA, and served in the Leadership Committee and the Convention Organization Committee last year. In the second half of the term, I have also started to serve as the GSA Board Representative. Interacting with people from different research domains, organizing, facilitating and contributing to the convention sessions, and initiating and leading a variety of projects have earned me a great deal of experiences to develop my interpersonal, leadership and professional skills. Currently, I am serving as the Past-President of the GSA and the GSA Board Representative.

This year I am running for the CLT VP Finance and Development position, and would be honored to serve in this position, if given the opportunity. At the 2018 AECT Convention, I was honored to be the recipient of the AECT McJulien Graduate Student Scholarship Award. Thus, I am looking forward to getting more involved in the CLT Division, and serve for the missions and the visions of the division, which are closely related to my dissertation research.

In my dissertation, I aim to conceptualize key socio-emotional interaction patterns that are necessary for productive conversations about emotionally latent subjects like race and gender, and develop a new model of socio-emotional competence to inform metacognitive and socio-metacognitive expertise or modify the existing model of competence to broaden its scope to entail socio-emotional interactional patterns. Due to the globalization movement, developing cultural competence has become one of the highly demanding skills in today job market, and engaging in collaborative discussions about cultural diversity, race, ethnicity, color, gender, and alike in a multicultural context has been found to help individuals develop cultural competence. Thus, my dissertation research revolves around this purpose, by guiding and modeling students to develop socio-emotional competence so they could regulate their collaborative discourse on emotionally latent subjects. This could help learners develop a perspective that is mindful of the diversity in today’s society, and explore the meaning and value of such concepts as culture, ethnicity, bias, and cultural competence as they pertain to various psychological issues.  Dedicating my academic and professional career to this purpose, I believe my educational and professional experience, and research interests would fit nicely into the mission and the vision of the CLT.

To conclude, I would be honored to serve in the CLT VP Finance and Development position, and would appreciate your vote!

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