Systems Thinking & Change

Monica Sulecio de Alvarez
Independent Consultant

I am Monica Sulecio de Alvarez.  I started serving in the Systems Thinking and Change Division in 2015 as Division Board Representative. I live in Guatemala City, a country in Central America. I am passionate about systemic perspectives and philosophies. I try to live mindfully, paying attention to connections. I believe that in the field of education, we need to be very strategic in what we are doing to make certain that we support learning to naturally flow.

I am a Learning Experience Designer. I hold a Master’s Degree in Education with emphasis in the Learning Sciences from Virginia Tech. I work as an independent consultant in Guatemala designing and developing competency-based e-learning experiences. I also collaborate with L&D Departments to focus on e-learning that is oriented towards building the skills necessary for effective performance. I give conferences to highlight strategic learning design and the creation of ecosystems to support authentic learning. I am fond of the natural way of learning which is non-linear, self-determined and social.

I am currently the Secretary of the Division. I am also collaborating with two other Board members with the production of an STC Microlearning object to help instructional designers understand the basics of systems thinking. I coauthored the article “Avoiding Educational Technology Pitfalls for Inclusion and Equity” with Dr. Camille Dickson-Deane from the Culture, Learning and Technology Division. The article follows a systems perspective trying to warn educators of unwanted consequences when adopting new technologies. In 2016 I hosted the STC webinar “Shifting Paradigms from the Inside Out: Instructional Designers as Change Agents” with Dr. Julaine Fowlin to share insights on how as instructional designers we can help institutions through paradigm shifts in their educational practices, from content to context/learner centered.

I consider STC my home in AECT. Systems Thinking and Change Division Board members are warm and welcoming. It is a Division with a long trajectory, and I would like to continue serving as Secretary to help STC projects move forward and keep the Division’s information organized and handy.
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