Systems Thinking & Change
Division Board Member

Fredrick Baker III
University of West Florida

Systems Thinking has always intrigued me. Everything humans engage with, whether a book, our families, or this division, is part of a system, and these systems are engaged and interlinked with each other in ways that form a complex ecology of interrelated and interdependent systems. Change is also intriguing, especially in systems! Make one small adjustment in the right place, and all of the other parts move in harmony. From this, it is obvious that the STC division has a much broader scope than it may at first seem, and that small efforts on our part can have large impacts within the larger system that is AECT!

As an elected board member for the STC Division of AECT, I want to help our division engage more holistically both within our division and within the larger system of AECT. I think it is important that we actively engage with the core concepts of our division (systems thinking and change), and that we work to share this understanding in our work and relationships. I would love for us to identify some key papers on these topics, and have a common reading group to engage these ideas in our own lives. Through dialogue, we can work together to find ways to share this in our work. If done correctly, these efforts will have harmonious impact on the other systems in our professional lives.  

As an Assistant Professor of Instructional Design and Technology at The University of West Florida, I have the opportunity to teach undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students fully online; pursue my research agenda focusing on the role of design in addressing challenges and improving performance (within a systems thinking and change lens); and serve the university, community, and my field. I have been teaching in multiple modalities in higher education since 2008, and have been involved in Instructional Design since 2010. I look forward to serving your STC Division as a board member.

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