Graduate Student Assembly
GSA Representative to the AECT Board

Sonia Tiwari
Penn State University

I am a PhD student at Penn State University's Learning, Design, and Technology department. Prior to becoming a PhD student, I worked as a Game Designer, UX Designer and Game Design Lecturer. I believe in building strong communication between Academia and Industry, so that insights from research can be practiced by the industry, and needs of the industry can be addressed by research. In this regard, I feel like AECT is a great community for exchanging ideas and making Education a better experience for all stakeholders.

I had a fabulous time learning from everyone at AECT 2018, and look forward to contributing my ideas alongside learning from the community again. Given the opportunity to work as a GSA Board Representative, I hope I will be able to look at the organization from a zoomed out view under the guidance of Board members, see how the little connections are made, and help zoom in on issues that need to be addressed.

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